Cycling Clothing

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about bikes with motors. You may have seen the term "mechanical doping". It is a sad fact that so much money is involved in pro racing that riders/teams feel the necessity to cheat. What is even less understandable, at least to us, is why a casual cyclist would cheat themselves out of the fitness and feeling of accomplishment that propel most of us to ride bikes. To make it clear where we stand, we designed this tee-shirt to tell the world: I AM THE MOTOR

Hand dyed and screened right here in the USA. Available in our Etsy or eBay stores for $26.00

SmartFit™ Bicycle Jerseys for Men and Women

   We realize that not everyone wants to look like a billboard when they ride. And that is why we offer you the opportunity to look like art; instead of an ad. We celebrate cycling with bright, happy colors like: Fire Red, Golden Yellow, Granny Apple Green, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Luscious Lemon, Grass Green and Ultra Violet. Note the lack of black. We believe in being seen!        
     All jerseys (men and women styles) are made of a wonderful fabric that starts with the softness of your favorite t-shirt, and wears like iron! Our jerseys are garment dyed with your choice of solid, tie-dyed or hand painted.               
  •   58% Soy, 37% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex  Fabric               
  •  Bright, Permanent, Hand Dyed Colors 
  •  Easy care: Machine Wash and Dry
  •  Hand Made in the U.S.A.  
  •  Custom Colors Available   
  •  Sizes Small through Large        

Men's Short or Long Sleeve Jersey Features   

 Elastic edged; Deep back pocket- 9”
14" Neck Zipper
Elastic Waist
Relaxed Fit

Men's Tie-dyed Long Sleeve in Golden Yellow
 with Abstract Hand Painting $155.00


Men's Tie-dyed Turquoise Short Sleeve
 with Geometric Hand Painting $150.00

Men's Tie-dyed  Golden Yellow Long Sleeve
with geometric Hand Painting $155.00

Men's Fire Red Tie-dyed Short Sleeve $105.00

Men's Granny Apple Green Tie-dyed Short Sleeve
with Hand Painted Aztec Snake $150.00

Women's Short or Long Sleeve Jerseys

If you are older than a day, you probably realize that men and women are shaped differently! That is why our women's jerseys are designed to fit and flatter the female body; they are not scaled down versions of the men's. Short sleeve women's jerseys come in two styles: the "Girly-girl" and the "V-Neck". The "Zip T-Neck" covers your arms and neck for cool weather rides. 

Girly-girl Features

Figure Flattering Princess Seam Cut
Comfortable Jewel Neckline
Short Raglan Sleeves
Zippered Large Rear Pocket with
Hidden Water Resistant Phone Pocket

Women's Luscious Lemon Solid Girly-Girl with Hand Painted Rain $140.00

V-Neck Features

Shape Hugging Cut
Short Raglan Sleeves
Flattering High V-Neckline
Elastic-edged Triple Divide Rear Pocket
6.5" Deep Pockets

Women's Fire Red Solid V-Neck $85.00

Zip T-Neck Features

Oversize Cut for Easy Layering
14" Neck Zipper
Zippered Triple Divide Rear Pocket
6.5" Deep Pockets

Women's Granny Apple Green Tie-dyed Zip T-Neck with Hand Painted Abstract $155.00

Women's Golden Yellow Tie-dyed Zip T-Neck with Hand Painted Floral $155.00

Women's Fuchsia Tie-dyed Zip T-Neck with Hand Paint Swirls $155.00

Women's Grass Green  and Ultra-Violet Tie-dyed Zip T-Neck
with Hand Paint Floral $155.00

This will give you an idea of the magic we can perform with color and fabric. Note that although we call colors "solid", our dye process results in a lively variegated color which has more depth and personality than a solid commercial dye. If you are looking for a color not shown, our two decades of fabric dyeing experience can fulfill your wishes! Just ask. Remember: Black is only an accent; not a color!