Tucson, AZ, USA - August 24, 2014- The lengthy appeals process has ended and the panel of judges at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in the United States Patent and Trademark Office has cancelled Sigma Elektra/Sigma Holding Corporation’s registration for the mark “ROX”. In a unanimous decision on June 24, 2014, the tribunal stated: “Further, on this record, we find that the petitioner’s mark ROX for rim tape is sufficiently strong that the scope of protection to which the mark is entitled extends to prevent the registration by respondent of the identical mark ROX for bicycle computers.” Roxane Bresette, co-founder of ROX, initiated the cancellation proceeding after discovering in October 2011 that Sigma had registered the mark, which ROX has been using in the bicycle industry since 1988. “Frankly, we felt our business’ identity had been stolen, and action needed to be taken to preserve our rights,” Ms. Bresette said. ROX contacted Sigma on April 1, 2009 to discuss Sigma’s use of the mark ROX on their newly introduced line of bicycle computers and encountered evasiveness and a complete lack of respect for American law. Sigma hired J. Philip Polster, a St. Louis, Missouri patent and trademark attorney, to represent them and register the mark out from under ROX. ROX was represented throughout the legal proceeding by Ms. Bresette, a non-lawyer. ROX is currently evaluating their civil litigation options. “It is our mark. We are investigating Sigma’s infringement and vicarious infringement that may have arisen through collusion. A group of three judges made it clear. I fully expect the next judge will follow suit,” says Ms. Bresette. A complete record of the Cancellation can be found at the US Patent and Trademark Office: TTABVUE
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