Now available in mountain bike/26" wheel lengths!

Apres Hat

To hide helmet hair, or even a lack of hair; our hats have you covered! 
Available in supplex nylon in a color you are sure to love!

Show YOU are the motor!

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about bikes with motors. You may have seen the term "mechanical doping". It is a sad fact that so much money is involved in pro racing that riders/teams feel the necessity to cheat. What is even less understandable, at least to us, is why a casual cyclist would cheat themselves out of the fitness and feeling of accomplishment that propel most of us to ride bikes. To make it clear where we stand, we designed this tee-shirt to tell the world: I AM THE MOTOR

SmartFit Wind Pro Headwarmers

Warmth, wind protection and waterproof! Announcing our newest products: SmartFit Wind Pro Headwarmers! We refined the fit and patterns with our hydrofil headwarmers, and now we have added another wonderful American made fabric to our line! Balaclavas, EarzBands, Skull Caps and Neck Gaiters!

Silk Dew Rags

The luxury of silk is available when you ride.

You have probably noticed that we don't favor polyester or nylon fabrics for our beautiful bike jerseys; and we don't favor cotton bandannas or plastic gutters for our heads.
The ROX Silk Dew Rag collects your forehead moisture with a style unmatched!

New Products and More Information

We have added a "Dealer Info" tab. Bona fide wholesale buyers please contact us for our dealer price list. Use the contact form and your information will remain secure!

For an honest discussion behind the science of rotating weight and how that impacts your cycling experience check this out : Roues Artisinales. It is a well thought out and articulate article.

SmartFit Hydrofil Headwarmers

Winter is coming! Be prepared to ride with the elements, not fight them, in our SmartFit Hydrofil Headwarmers. Skull Caps, Earzbands, Balaclavas and DogEarz!

ROX NePlusUltra Rim Tape

The NePlusUltra is an adhesive-backed rim tape constructed from Aramid fabric. The NePlusUltra is the ultimate wheel upgrade that boasts the strength of steel, and still comes in at an average weight of 6 grams per rim. It is the perfect complement to all high-end builds. If you have ever blown through a rim strip or have rims whose drill holes are rough, this is the tape to use. We began using this product on our personal bikes over three years ago, and those rim strips are still in place!