NePlusUltra Rim Tape

The NePlusUltra Rim Tape is our newest addition to the ROX line up. The NePlusUltra is an adhesive-backed rim tape constructed from Aramid fabric. The family of Aramid fibers includes Kevlar, Twaron and Nomex. These fibers are engineered to be strong, cut reseistant and fire proof.The NePlusUltra is the ultimate wheel upgrade that boasts the strength of steel, and still comes in at an average weight of 6 grams per rim. It is the perfect complement to all high-end builds. If you have ever blown through a rim strip or have rims whose drill holes are rough, this is the tape to use. We began using this product on our personal bikes over three years ago, and those rim strips are still in place!

NePlusUltra Rim Tape

The NePlusUltra has the same great characteristics as all our rim tape lines: its thin, light, strong, and has a very aggressive adhesive.

The stats on the NePlusUltra:
  • nominal size: 17mm width x 700c/29er length
  • 6 grams per strip
  • $20.95 single
Product Picks: BRAIN 4/15/2014

In service for over 10 years!

New rim, same hub, same NePlusUltra!
While inspecting the wheels after a ride in August, we noticed cracks had developed between the eyelets. A curse on our pothole filled roads! A new wheel was built reusing the NePlusUltra strip. It is amazing how well the adhesive bonds with the fiber on this rim strip. We'll let you know if the rim strip ever needs replacing! Could be these Aramid strips will outlast the next build!

Available in our EBay shop!